Life is busy and moving and happening faster and faster each day as we go about our day-to-day routines. Being in the midst of a live gig with your favourite band belting out their tunes helps us live life in that very moment.

I grew up listening to music from an early age. My first music memory is of a 4 year old joining in as my Grandad played the piano while my Nan and my Mum sang the Irish songs they loved.

I soon developed a love and respect of all types of music and with a lot of hard work and persistence (and a bit of luck), my love of music and photography merged.

Since 1998, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph and meet a wide range of musicians across many music genres from Opera and Classical through to Hip Hop, Grunge, Punk and Rock. I’ve covered small pub gigs, large festivals and big international tours. My work is published in Newspapers and Magazines both print and online and I am the Principal Photographer for noise11.com

After all these years, I still love the excitement that shooting a live show gives but most of all I love experiencing the coming together of all sorts of people from all ages and all walks of life who are brought together with our mutual love of live music.

Photographing these gigs is my tiny contribution to keeping that moment in time around forever.

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